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I'm curious about life. A wife, mother to two lovely girls and currently living in Lagos. I'm not that great with words but I love to share a laugh. People fascinate me wherever I go and Lagos takes the cake; they're a boisterous lot. Still green horned, this is my attempt to make my days count….and give an all inclusive response to friends and family who ask, 'So, how's Lagos really like?'

My recommended reading on Lagos and Nigeria

Recently, my friend Nebila posted a link in which Ambassadors had recommended books for visitors of the country they were (are) serving. Although it was published in June 2017, its still an interesting read and gave me food for thought. … Continue reading

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The Experience

When I started this blog 4 years ago, it was to keep my sanity in Lagos. Sans job, sans familiar circles and with two kids away in school, writing quickly became my way of staying alive because there were days … Continue reading

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Meeting children’s author – Atinuke

I can’t recall the first time I picked up the Anna Hibiscus series. Our first two books must have been bought by my great friend Diana or I picked them up at TBC at the Junction Mall in Nairobi. I … Continue reading

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20 Years On – The Prophecy: Fela Lives

Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, born Ransome-Kuti is a subject of epic proportion and one that I am certainly no authority on. I did not grow up listening to the music of one of Africa’s musical legends, fiery State critic, and prophet in … Continue reading

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KAKADU – The Musical Reviewed

  Uche Nwokedi’s impressive musical Kakadu, which opens at the Johannesburg Theatre this June, may have been set in Lagos, Nigeria but its themes resonate with Rwanda, Kenya, South Sudan and many other African nations. Set in mid 1960’s Nigeria, … Continue reading

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ATTITUDE. is. everything.

The manicurist at the local salon is just that by day. By evening, she’s a student in Yaba  Polytechnic learning IT. I walked in today after about six months and randomly ask where the manager is today. “She’s late – … Continue reading

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School is #SMWLagos

The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice. Brian Herbert  Attending Social Media Week (#SMWLagos) was a choice; the willingness to learn. It has the capacity to … Continue reading

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