A running city in words and pics

The marathon begun earlier than we had anticipated. Well, 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled time and we got there 1 minute after the elite runners had exited thanks to all roads closed. Stunned! Lagos City keeps time.



Walkers, runners and in-betweens. ©Frida Okutoyi


Keeping hydrated. Streets were cleaned up immediately after this. First image ©Frida Okutoyi.

Lagos Crowds – na mask una wear no fumes go meet um’

Paralympians. #GoForth

Abraham Kiptum crosses the 39Km mark. We raced past the sands at Eko Atlantic City (It’s Huge) and because of burly policemen wanting to show they are working, we missed him crossing the finish line.

Such a sad state of affairs the photo ops were. Not sure any of the big media – well except Supersport – got a clean photo finish at the end.

These beautiful ladies from the Kenyan highlands gave us a 1-2-3 finish. Rodah Chepkorir cuts the tape to win the Women’s marathon, Fridah Lodepa (2nd) is wheeled out in a wheelchair to regain her strength and last year’s winner Alice Timbilili (3rd) gets some refreshing. Alice, who won last year, had told me the day before “It’s a marathon. It is anyone’s race. We have all trained and are good so anyone can carry the day.” And Rodah did.

Winner takes it all.

The City and Its Bosses.

This is THE’ Eko Atlantic City,  the finishing point for the race. When I came to Lagos 4 years ago, all this was water with people regularly using the beach front for weekends and late night parties. It has now all been reclaimed and very much looking like a mini-Dubai city, without the bling buildings.

Finally, the Paps who ensured you had these memories live. For whichever media they work.


About Anne Mucheke

I'm curious about life. A wife, mother to two lovely girls and currently living in Lagos. I'm not that great with words but I love to share a laugh. People fascinate me wherever I go and Lagos takes the cake; they're a boisterous lot. Still green horned, this is my attempt to make my days count….and give an all inclusive response to friends and family who ask, 'So, how's Lagos really like?'
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