#Beijing2015 – We Rocked


I had to have this table of standings on my page for Posterity. Veery Proud of my motherland, its people and the things that make for uniqueness. Ah Julius Yego. You remind us what determination looks like. Well done.

I remember last week – we were off to a bad start. But as usual, Kenya has triumphed and will remember Beijing 2015 as one of our greatest moments. Well done Kenya. Once again, we rocked. Now I can’t get the video of that Kalenjin Runner meme by Fatboy Animations off my head.


About Anne Mucheke

I'm curious about life. A wife, mother to three lovely girls and currently living in Lagos. I'm not that great with words but I love to share a laugh. People fascinate me wherever I go and Lagos takes the cake; they're a boisterous lot. 5 years later, this blog is still my attempt to make my days count….and give an all inclusive response to friends and family who ask, 'So, how's Lagos really like?'
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