What a Yahoo email Hack has taught me about Customer care and being insignificant.

I lost my Yahoo account this week to some hackers – Monday the 17th morning just after I had sent a couple of emails from my account. About 30 minutes after I logged out, a friend sent me a message to ask ” What’s up” and I wondered what she was talking about.

My account was hacked into – those emails of being stranded in Ukraine asking for urgent help – were sent to my entire contact list. Or anyone I had ever sent an email in my life. Passwords changed. My alternate email address changed. In the hours following I tried getting in touch with Yahoo to reinstate my account – to allow me access to my correspondence but the security question kept popping up. Their systems are unyielding in my plea to find some other way to verify this is my address. I have pleaded, threatened, inquired etc – and are now at the point where I have wasted so much time on this issue – I have no choice but to walk away. The last straw – Yahoo Technical help that has an actual number that is answered in an Asian country with the rudest customer care help I have ever encountered. My children kept looking at my shocked expressions on the phone – wondering whom I was speaking to.

Corporates – and a mega one like Yahoo use automated systems to respond to customers. Fair enough. Getting through to someone with a real name who will ‘speak’ to you is like asking for an audience with Obama. And even then, you are more likely to chance on a response from him than to an actual person at Customer Care. Yahoo’s Twitter and Facebook personnel don’t care either to respond. I have 7 Case numbers assigned to me since Monday but nothing moving past my requests to find an alternative way to verify who I am. But that’s the nature of the internet with so much going on – it is only as useful as personal property belongs to you.

The real reason this post is up – and I hate groveling – or using words to try and influence a situation – is Yahoo’s Technical Help centre. I have called them 4 times this morning. Call 2 and 3 – the guys on the other end hung up before you could plead with them to listen. “We cannot offer you any assistance if you do not have an alternative contact to use”. I tried telling them my alternative contacts were not as they had been set to no avail. The last gentleman killed me. He asked how I knew my account has been asked and on responding, went into a rude tirade asking me who I was speaking to and If I had no time to respond to him, I should seek an alternative time to call. HUH! I was the only one in the room pleading for my account back and here is this dude calling me names and then he hung up on me.

I swallowed and said my Goodbye’s to that account. It’s sad that after 15 years, Yahoo would give more credibility to a hacker than take the time to listen to a customer. But then, we are in our millions aren’t we – so why should some miserable sod in Kenya get a response over an email hack when it happens all the time?

So my good friends, please do not email me on muriungianne@yahoo.com. That address is no longer functional as I no longer have access to it. I will update you personally on a better functioning address.

Dear Marissa Mayer – your organization’s call Centre needs help in customer etiquette. Fast.


About Anne Mucheke

I'm curious about life. A wife, mother to three lovely girls and currently living in Lagos. I'm not that great with words but I love to share a laugh. People fascinate me wherever I go and Lagos takes the cake; they're a boisterous lot. 5 years later, this blog is still my attempt to make my days count….and give an all inclusive response to friends and family who ask, 'So, how's Lagos really like?'
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